Welcome to the vocational consultants home page. Vocational Consultants was established in 1976 by Martin Kranitz and Alan Rose (deceased), to provide vocational services in a comprehensive and professional manner.

Services include: vocational evaluation, assessment, counseling and consulting services to individuals, businesses and government agencies.

Vocational Consultants works with private individuals, lawyers, courts and public agencies to provide information about job potential, income potential, employment potential and loss of income, due to physical, emotional, educational or employment limitations.

Martin is a recognized vocational expert, qualified at Social Security and most Circuit Courts in Maryland. We have the ability to travel to other locale’s where expert testimony is needed.


vocational evaluation

Vocational evaluation is a process in which a vocationally trained expert meets with an individual to gather information in order to evaluate that persons vocational potential.  Through a combination of interview, vocational testing, situational assessment, records review and resource survey, the evaluator can guide the individual toward (or away from) specific jobs, fields of interest or ability, vocational training, courses of study or placement. Vocational evaluations are used in personal injury, college major selection, WCC, SSA, and even divorce situations ( alimony / child support).  The process can be requested by the individual, a lawyer or even the court depending on the need(s) of the parties and the situation.  The outcome of a vocational evaluation may be a report, counseling with the individual, or testimony in court as to the findings.



vocational assessment

Vocational assessment is similar to vocational evaluation but is done without direct contact with the individual.  The evaluator uses information about the person gathered from other sources, when the individual is not available or is uncooperative.  Given enough information, a reasonable assessment can be made that can be presented in report form or court testimony.  Assessments are often used in situations where there is a question about lost income (wages) due to death, illness or injury and the individual is not available to the vocational evaluator. Assessments are also used in separation and divorce situations where there is a question about income potential (although having the parties work things out through mediation is obviously better).



vocational counseling

Vocational counseling is a process in which a vocationally trained professional meets with an individual (usually over several sessions) to help them focus on vocational issues such as job change, college major, return to work after time away (or job change due to injury or illness), job seeking skills, interview skills or resume writing. The vocational counselor can help the individual explore option, alternatives and resources so that decisions can be based on useful information.



vocational consulting

Expert Witness

Vocational consultants and independent rehabilitation specialists can provide expert testimony in personal injury, WCC, SSA, and divorce cases after appropriate information about the individual(s) have been gathered.  Art and Martin each have over 25 years experience in the area of rehabilitation and vocational expert testimony.  Each is under contract with SSA to provide neutral expert testimony.  Each has done over 1000 SSA cases.

Job Potential

One of the most frequently asked questions in social security, disability and divorce cases is, "What is the individual's job potential?".  That is, what kinds of work can a person do and what is the likelihood that they will be employed in these positions. After an evaluation or assessment, vocational consultants can do the related research to help explore what kinds of work, if any, an individual can perform and where do these jobs exist.

Income Potential - Disability

Directly related to job potential is income potential.  How much, if anything, can an individual earn, given the limitations describes by the individual and verified by professional sources.  using both published documents and internet resources, Vocational Consultants is able to provide this information for use in a number of situations.

Income Potential - Divorce

Divorce cases provide their own set of variables, needs and positions.  Vocational Consultants is able to provide information and expert testimony in situations regarding child support, alimony, long-term disability and even long term child support.  Processes and procedures are similar to those used in disability cases, only the use of the information is different.

Loss of Income

One of the issues often considered by vocational consultants is loss of income.  This is often related to issues of personal injury or disability in which an individual is no longer able to perform at previous work levels.  When this question arises, Vocational Consultants can look at current work potential and compare that with past work and income so that changes in income potential can be evaluated.  Vocational Consultants can provide straight line projections for loss of income.  Economists who specialize in this type of work can be consulted for more detailed consideration.

Social Security Disability

Vocational consultants & independent rehabilitation specialists can provide case consultation as well as vocational evaluations in Social Security disability cases where the claimant or representative is looking for a neutral opinion with regard to an individual's ability to work based on age, education, past work experience and current limitations.

Martin Kranitz has been a vocational expert for Social Security administration for twenty-four years.  As such, his opinion is highly respected by both the administration and other vocational experts.  Martin can provide either a vocational evaluation or assessment depending on your needs.

Art Brown has been a vocational expert for Social Security for 15 years and a rehabilitation counselor for the state of Maryland for 15 years before that.  He is the director of Independent Rehabilitation Counselors, located in Baltimore, Maryland.



vocational testing

Interest, aptitude, achievement, and intelligence testing are all available to help gather more objective vocational information.  These tests, as well as others, can be administered to explore current levels and/or changes in vocational potential. Vocational testing may be appropriate in disability, divorce or high school/college guidance issues.



preparing for a social security hearing

This video was produced to help claimants prepare for a Social Security hearing. 

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